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We know that finding the perfect pair of lacrosse cleats can be a challenge – that’s why we did the hard research work for you. Read on to find out more about our best picks and how they can benefit your game.

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First, Let's Set the Stage...

Native American Stickball, now known as Lacrosse, is probably the oldest sport in America, dating back to the 1400s, if not earlier. Developed by Native Americans (Algonquian) in the northeast and spread to some of the plains Indians, the game was meant to toughen up braves for war and settle inter-tribal disputes. There were also some religious aspects to the game and it was referred to as the "Creator's Game."

The first Westerners to encounter lacrosse were French Jesuit Missionaries in the St. Lawrence Valley in the 1630s. They were opposed to lacrosse because it was violent and there was betting involved. One missionary, Jean de Brebeuf, was the first to write about a lacrosse game and thus gave it its name. He described the Hurons in present-day Ontario playing "crosse" in 1637. Some say the name originated from the French term for field hockey, le jeu de la crosse.

It was the Canadians in the 1850s that began to modernize lacrosse games with a set of rules, introducing a rubber ball and a redesigned stick. By the 1860s, lacrosse became the national game of Canada, along with hockey.

Now Lacrosse is most popular in the US and Canada and has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the USA. More than 3 million play Lacrosse at the youth, High School, College, and professional levels. In 2021, the Women's game began to play at the pro level, as well.

Best Lacrosse Cleats- Factors to Consider

Fit and Height:

You're going to want a snug fit with a little room in the toe. Remember to wear your socks when you try on your favorite pair.

As for lacrosse cleats with a low-top or mid-top design, it depends on your desire for more maneuverability or better ankle support.


Don't get wrapped up too much in the brand name. There is no "perfect" lacrosse cleat... But don't sacrifice comfort as the wrong shoe can ruin your game. The best lacrosse cleat is the one that is most comfortable. There's a make and model that will work for you and your toenails will thank you!

Lateral Support:

Probably cannot stress this enough. Lacrosse players do a lot of running requiring sprinting, change of direction, or side-to-side movement. Be sure to choose lacrosse cleats that will give you maximum ankle support.

Weight and Durability:

For lacrosse cleats, lighter is better for speed, but don't sacrifice good ankle support.

Durability is a matter of how often you play and how well you take care of the shoes. Shoe construction and materials make a difference.

Brand Names

Nike, New Balance, and Under Armour are the primary brands in the market and manufacture many models of lacrosse cleats to choose from. Therein lies the challenge for buyers and how to choose the best ones for you. We researched over 50 models to generate our "Pick List." See our selection process below. 👇

Photo of face off during a Lacrosse Game.
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Best Lacrosse Cleats- Our Selection Process

What makes a good lacrosse cleat? As a player, you want to find a great pair of lacrosse cleats for the field (natural grass), including turf cleats. Additionally, you are going to want to consider your player position, as different models may be a better choice for skilled positions, utility players, Offense, Defense, etc.

Also, you'll want to decide on low-top, mid-cut, high-top, boot-style, and lacing systems, and what type of cleat for better traction. Seems like the alternatives go on forever. No worries, we have your back!

You could search through thousands of reviews and star guides, but that could take forever.

zBestGuide has already searched and read all of the top reviews on lacrosse cleats so you don't have to. We've limited ourselves to 5 top-quality possibilities that are worthy of your consideration, so check out our "Pick List" to see which one might be right for you. We added some useful tips and helpful hints, too. Ready, set... Get started! 👇

zBestGuide's Summary "Pick List:"

New Balance Freeze LX V3 (Best Lacrosse Cleats Overall)

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite (#2 Best Lacrosse Cleats Overall)

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Pro (Best Turf Cleats)

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite (Best Women's Lacrosse Cleats


New Balance Burn X3 (#2 Best Women's Lacrosse Cleats)

"Pick List" Details:

New Balance Freeze LX V3 (Best Lacrosse Cleats Overall)

The Particulars:

  • Mid-cut cleats
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic/Mesh upper

Why We’re Impressed

The New Balance Freeze LX v3 is built for speed and agility, with a lightweight synthetic material that won't weigh you down. The breathable mesh construction will keep your feet cool and comfortable, even when the action heats up. And the aggressive cleats provide the traction and stability you need to make those game-changing plays.

Here's the Inside Story

The best lacrosse cleats need to provide good traction and ankle support while also being comfortable and durable. The Quixrail outer lugs give you quick lateral cuts, while the increased underfoot traction helps you start and stop quickly. The hybrid tongue locks your ankle in place for even more ankle stability. These rugged lacrosse cleats are built to last, so you can focus on your game without worrying about your cleats.

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite (#2 Best Lacrosse Cleats Overall)

The Particulars:

  • High-cut, boot-style
  • Synthetic/Mesh upper

Why We’re Impressed

These lacrosse cleats are designed for the player that's on the field every day, putting in the work. With a Nike React midsole, this shoe provides foam directly under your foot to minimize stud pressure. The heel 'X' fit system maximizes containment so you feel secure. Finally, a more flexible TPU plate is comfortable enough for all the miles you put in on the field and supports a shorter break-in period.

Here's the Inside Story

Anyone who has played lacrosse knows that the game can be demanding on your feet. The constant starts and stops, sprints, and sudden changes in direction put a lot of stress on your shoes. That's why it's important to choose a cleat with a durable toe box that can withstand the rigors of the game. A no-slip tongue helps to keep your foot in place, while still allowing for breathability and comfort. With these features, you can be confident that your lacrosse cleats will provide the ankle stability you need to play your best.

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Pro (Best Turf Lacrosse Cleats)

The Particulars:

  • Low-cut cleats
  • Rubber sole
  • Skins, TPU molding

Why We’re Impressed

The Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Pro Turf is the perfect choice for comfort, stability, and flexibility on the field. Skins and TPU molding on the upper create a stable feel, while active pegs in the center of the outsole provide extra traction when you need it. The peg system extends and retracts as you move for great grip in turf environments.

Here's the Inside Story

When you're searching for the best lacrosse cleats, comfort is important. A soft foam midsole offers long-lasting comfort, and a durable toe box stands up to the demands of the field. Plus, a no-slip tongue and heel minimize distractions so you can keep your focus on the win. So when you're looking for the best of the best, be sure to consider this option.

Nike Alpha Huarache 8 Elite (Best Women's Lacrosse Cleats


The Particulars:

  • Mid-cut cleats
  • Mesh upper
  • Knit cuff

Why We’re Impressed

These cleats are designed for speed and agility and feature a breathable mesh upper and a knit cuff that wraps your foot for a comfortable, slip-on fit. The mid-ankle cut provides enhanced ankle support when making sharp cuts, and the cleat is built to support your heels, ankles, and shins.

Here's the Inside Story

These shoes have a triangular cleat setup that provides added traction in all directions. This prevents slippage and responsive delay, giving you the best possible performance when you need it most. The mold also helps to keep your feet more comfortable while you play, and it's designed to provide maximum ankle support and stability. Whether you're playing on turf or natural grass, these cleats will help you stay quick on your feet and make the best possible cuts.

New Balance Burn X3 (#2 Best Women's Lacrosse Cleats)

The Particulars:

  • Mid-cut cleats
  • Knit upper

Why We’re Impressed

The Burn X3 features a knit upper with Kinetic Stitch technology that provides stretch and support, while the lacrosse-specific BurnX speed plate energizes your stride. The TPU molded cleat outsole allows for impressive traction and Achilles pads help keep your heels comfortable when accelerating to full speed.

Here's the Inside Story

When it comes to finding the best lacrosse cleats for women, one important factor to consider is the type of closure system. A lace closure is a popular option among many players, as it provides a secure fit that can be easily adjusted. Additionally, hybrid tongue construction provides both the ankle support of a mid-cut and the look of a low-cut collar. This design helps to keep the foot in place and prevent discomfort, making it an ideal choice for those who want to perform at their best. With so many great features, it's no wonder that lace closures are a popular choice among female lacrosse players.

Image of FAQs Icon in support of Lacrosse

Best Lacrosse Cleats: Men's and Women's Game FAQs

Buying lacrosse cleats can be a confusing experience, with so many different brands and types of shoes on the market.

Not only do you have to worry about finding the right size and fit for your feet, but you also need to choose the right type of shoe for your playing style.

Our guide to the best lacrosse cleats takes all of the guesswork out of buying new shoes. We've included information about what to look for when buying shoes, as well as answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. With our help, you'll be able to find the perfect pair of lacrosse cleats for your needs in no time!

What footwear do you wear for lacrosse?

There are a few different types of footwear that can be worn for lacrosse, depending on personal preference and the type of surface you'll be playing on. For grass fields, lacrosse-specific cleats are generally the best option as they provide good traction and stability. On artificial turf, turf shoes or sneakers are usually the best choices. And if you're playing indoors, either on a hardwood floor or synthetic surface, flat-soled shoes like sneakers or socks with turned-down cuffs are typically worn. Some players also prefer to wear ankle braces for added support.

Are there special cleats for lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a unique and demanding sport that requires specific gear to avoid injury and play at your best. Among the most important pieces of gear are your lacrosse cleats, which should provide both traction and support while you're running around on the field.

There are a few different factors to consider when choosing lacrosse cleats, including the type of terrain you'll be playing on, the level of competition, and your personal preferences. If you're unsure about what type of cleats to choose, it's always best to consult with an experienced coach or another player. 👇

Photo of Lacrosse helmet on the field
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Turf vs Grass Cleats

One of the first choices you'll want to make is whether to choose turf or grass lacrosse cleats. If you're planning on playing primarily on artificial turf, then turf lacrosse cleats are the way to go. These shoes have small, rubber studs that provide excellent traction without damaging the turf.

Grass lacrosse cleats, on the other hand, have longer and sharper metal or plastic spikes that can help you get a better grip on the natural playing surface. These cleats are also a good choice for lacrosse

players who often play on both turf and grass, as they can be used on either type of surface.

Are high or low cleats better for lacrosse?

There is a lot of debate within the lacrosse community as to whether high or low lacrosse cleats are better. Some people argue that high cleats provide more support and stability, while others say that low cleats allow for better agility and mobility. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you feel comfortable playing in.

If you're hoping to gain an edge on the competition, though, it's worth considering what some of the top players in the sport wear on their feet. Many elite players choose to wear low lacrosse cleats because they offer a good mix of agility and traction. Low lacrosse cleats also tend to be lighter than their high-top counterparts, which can help increase speed and quickness on the field.

What's the difference between lacrosse cleats?

The main difference between lacrosse cleats and other types of cleats is the type of surface they are designed for. Lacrosse cleats have spikes that are shorter and thicker than those on soccer or football cleats, which helps them grip the turf better. In addition, lacrosse cleats often have wider spacing between the spikes, which gives you more traction when running on grass or turf.

Lacrosse is a fast-paced, physical sport played on both grass and artificial turf. The right pair of lacrosse cleats can help you move quickly and confidently while also providing the support and traction you need to make sharp cuts and sudden stops.

Are football or soccer cleats ok for lacrosse?

Football cleats and lacrosse cleats are fairly similar in terms of ankle support, cutting ability, and weight. Though, lacrosse cleats are slightly more tailored toward lacrosse play relative to football cleats.

Soccer shoes can be worn for lacrosse. Although they offer less ankle protection and don't have a toe stud at the front, they are still a great footwear option.

Is lacrosse a safe sport?

Lacrosse is a relatively safe sport, particularly when compared to other contact sports like football or hockey. However, there is always a risk of injury when participating in any sport, and lacrosse is no exception. The most common injuries in lacrosse are cuts and bruises, although more serious injuries like concussions can also occur. However, these serious injuries are usually the result of players not wearing the proper safety gear or using improper techniques. As long as you take the necessary precautions and use the correct equipment, lacrosse can be a very safe sport to play.

There are a few things that you can do to help reduce your risk of being injured while playing lacrosse. First, make sure that you warm up thoroughly before playing. This will help prepare your body for physical activity and reduce your risk of pulled muscles or other injuries. Second, always wear the proper safety gear, including a lacrosse helmet, mouthguard, and shoulder pads. And finally, be sure to use proper lacrosse techniques when playing.

What's the most common injury in lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a physically demanding sport that can involve contact with other players as well as the ball. The most common injury in lacrosse is a sprained ankle. Other common injuries include shoulder and knee injuries.

Why is women's lacrosse different?

The rules of women's lacrosse are different from the men's lacrosse game. The equipment required to play is also different from the men's. In the United States, women are only required to wear eyewear or lacrosse goggles and a mouth guard.

What shoes do women wear when participating in lacrosse?

There are no specific shoes that women must wear when playing lacrosse. However, many women do choose to wear lacrosse cleats or turf shoes when playing. Lacrosse cleats provide more traction and stability, while turf shoes are designed to grip artificial turf surfaces. Some women also choose to wear traditional running shoes for lacrosse, as these shoes typically have a lot of cushioning which can help protect against injuries.

Is lacrosse the fastest game on two feet?

There's no question that lacrosse is a fast game. Players have to be quick on their feet to keep up with the play, and the ball moves around quickly too. But is it the fastest game on two feet?

That's a tough question to answer definitively, as there are a lot of variables to consider. For example, how do you compare the speeds of different sports? Are we talking about maximum speed or average speed throughout a game? And what about other factors like acceleration and change of direction?

With all those caveats in mind, let's take a look at some data. One study found that professional lacrosse players can reach sprint speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. Another study found that the average speed of lacrosse players is about 11 miles per hour.

So, based on those studies, it seems fair to say that lacrosse is indeed a fast game. However, there are other sports out there that may be faster. For example, sprinting speeds of up to 23 miles per hour have been recorded in the 100-meter dash, and professional soccer players have been clocked at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour.

So, lacrosse is certainly a fast game. But whether or not it's the fastest game on two feet, you can decide. 👇

Photo of midfielder playing in a lacrosse game.
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May we say in conclusion...

So, whether you are a man or woman who is looking for the best lacrosse cleats on the market, we have you covered. We’ve tried to point you in the right direction and give you some tips on what to look for when purchasing new shoes. Now it’s time for you to take that final step and check out the prices of some of our top recommendations. Be sure to tap the button to check prices and see what's available today. We think you will be pleased with what you find!

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