Euhomy's Mini Freezer is a compact and efficient refrigerator that provides plenty of storage space while using energy efficiently to minimize electricity costs. It features 3D refrigeration technology and rapid cooling technology for the optimal preservation of food. The internal capacity of 3.0 cu. ft, multilayer structure, 7-level thermostat system, reversible door, adjustable feet, and built-in handle make the freezer versatile and suitable for various scenarios. Whether it’s a dorm, an apartment kitchen, or simply for travel – the Euhomy Upright Freezer is the perfect refrigerator to keep all your food fresh! 👇

Euhomy Mini Freezer

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Product Specs

Euhomy's mini freezer offers maximum efficiency with a minimal footprint. This compact cooling unit packs prodigious storage capacity into an eco-friendly, energy-conscious design that keeps utility costs on ice. It features 3D refrigeration technology and rapid cooling technology for the optimal preservation of food. This unit is ideal for storing food, fruit, vegetables, seafood, ice cream, and more. The premium insulation seals in freshness and locks out odors, ensuring clean and odorless food every time you open the freezer door.

  • Dimensions: 20.1” L x 21.3” D x 31.4" H;
  • Model Name: MF-30-Y;
  • Color: Silver;
  • Item Weight: 54 lbs.
  • Temperature range: -7.6°F to 6.8°F;
  • Other features: reversible door, adjustable feet;
  • Built-in handle for added convenience;
  • Energy efficient with 3D refrigeration and cooling technology. 👇

Features & Benefits

The Euhomy Mini Freezer is an innovative and efficient way to keep food fresh for longer. It can provide ample storage space for one or two people. The small freezer does not require additional installation and is very easy to use. The streamlined shape design and the weight control of each component make the freezer very easy to move.

The upright freezer is equipped with a powerful compressor, which not only keeps the freezer working efficiently but also can help you save on electricity.

Additionally, Euhomy's Mini Freezer comes with a reversible door, adjustable feet, and a built-in handle for added convenience. The freezer requires minimal space and can fit almost anywhere – making it an ideal choice for college dorms, apartments, and travel. 👇

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Buyers Should Consider

With any product, there are a few possible drawbacks that buyers should consider. Euhomy's Mini Freezer is no exception, as it does have some limitations and potential issues that could arise.

First and foremost, the capacity of the freezer is quite limited. With only a 3.0 cu ft capacity, this may not be ideal for households that require more storage space and greater capacity.

Additionally, the freezer should be placed upright for at least 24 hours before use. This could be inconvenient or difficult to achieve if it’s already in a cramped location.


The Euhomy Mini Freezer comes at an affordable price of only $239.99 for US customers. It is also available on Amazon Prime so that you can get it with free 2-day shipping - saving time and money! The mini freezer has a compact design, making it ideal for small spaces such as dorms, apartments, and RVs. Tap below to Buy Now! 👇

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Overall, this is an excellent choice for those who need a compact and energy-efficient freezer to keep their food fresh. This mini upright freezer is rated as an Amazon's Choice product. Products highlighted as Amazon's Choice are highly rated, well-priced, and available to ship immediately. 👇

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The Euhomy Freezer is not the only compact freezer on the market. There are several other models that offer similar features and benefits. Let’s take a closer look at how it compares to some of its top competitors:

The Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Door Refrigerator is another popular option. It features a 4.4 cu ft capacity, an adjustable thermostat, and a reversible door - similar to the Euhomy Mini Freezer. However, it does not have 3D refrigeration technology which helps to reduce electricity costs more efficiently. The Midea refrigerator also costs slightly more than the Euhomy Mini Freezer, so if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, then the Euhomy is the way to go. 👇

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Customer Experiences

Customers have found that Euhomy's Mini Freezer is an excellent product for keeping food fresh. Reviews on Amazon and other online platforms rave about the freezer’s versatility and energy efficiency. Most customers are able to fit the freezer into their small spaces, such as dorms, apartments, and RVs, with ease. They also appreciate the adjustable thermostat and reversible door for added convenience.

Here are some actual customer reviews as recorded by Amazon: 👇

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Overall, customers are satisfied with their purchase of this compact Mini Freezer, as it is extremely efficient and helps them save on electricity costs in the long run!

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Euhomy Mini Freezer FAQs

How do I choose a small freezer?

Consider factors like size, capacity, energy efficiency, and features like temperature control and defrosting. Evaluate your budget and space limitations before making a decision. Check reviews, and warranties, and make sure it fits your needs!

Can I put a mini freezer in a cabinet?

Yes, you can put a mini freezer in a cabinet. However, you need to make sure that the cabinet is well-ventilated, with enough space for airflow around the freezer to prevent overheating. It's also important to check the manufacturer's recommendations for installation and spacing requirements.

How much electricity does a mini freezer use?

A mini freezer typically uses between 70 to 200 watts of electricity depending on its size and efficiency rating. It can consume up to 1 kWh of electricity per day and it may vary depending on the level of usage and other factors.

What size freezer do I need for one person?

For one person, a freezer size of 3-5 cubic feet should suffice. This size can hold enough frozen food and ice cream for one or two people. It's important to consider your lifestyle and dietary needs before deciding on the final size.

What is a garage-ready freezer?

A garage-ready freezer is a type of freezer designed to work efficiently in garages, basements, and other areas where the temperature may fluctuate. It has powerful compressors, thicker insulation, and other features that allow it to withstand extreme temperatures.

Which is better vertical or chest freezer?

It depends on your needs and available space. Chest freezers are great for storing larger items, while vertical freezers make it easier to organize and access items. Consider your storage requirements, available space, and personal preferences before choosing.

Do freezers need ventilation?

Yes, freezers need proper ventilation to maintain their temperature and prevent overheating. Without ventilation, the fridge's cooling system can fail, causing food to spoil and leading to other complications.

How long will a mini freezer last without power?

A mini freezer can last up to 24-48 hours without power, depending on factors such as the insulation, the temperature outside, and the amount of food stored inside. It's important to keep the freezer closed as much as possible during outages.

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May we say in conclusion…😎

zBest Rating A+

The Euhomy Mini Freezer is an excellent choice for those looking to save space, money, and energy. It features 3D refrigeration and cooling technology that help keep food fresh while minimizing the impact of electricity costs at the same time.

On top of this, it comes with a competitive price tag of just $239.99 making it extremely budget-friendly compared to its competitors. With all these benefits in mind, we highly recommend giving the Euhomy Mini Freezer a try if you’re in the market for a compact refrigerator! Tap below to Buy Now! 👇

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