In case you've been living under a rock for the past year or so, allow me to introduce you to the newest (and arguably greatest) trend to sweep the nation: Squishmallows. These cuddly little creatures are made of super soft marshmallow-like material and come in an ever-expanding array of designs, from your favorite comic book characters to animals big and small. But of all the Squishmallows out there, none is more popular than the Frog Squishmallow. So, where did this loveable amphibian come from? Let's take a trip down memory lane and find out.

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The Early Days

The very first Squishmallows were created way back in 2017 by Jacqueline and Paul Kellytoy. According to Paul, the idea for these cuddly critters was inspired by his daughter, who loved her stuffed animals but found them too hard to squish. With that in mind, he set out to create a toy that was both huggable and squishableβ€”and thus, the Squishmallow was born!

Initially, Squishmallows were only available in four designs: a pink cat, a blue dog, a green dragon, and a brown bear. But it didn't take long for their popularity to explode, with Kellytoy introducing dozens of new designs in the months that followed. Among those early additions was the Frog Squishmallow, who first made his debut in early 2018.

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Frog's Rise to Fame

While all of the early Squishmallows were popular with kids and adults alike, it didn't take long for the Frog Squishmallow to emerge as a fan-favorite. Perhaps it was his winning smile or his cheerful disposition; whatever the reason, people couldn't get enough of him! In no time at all, he had become one of the most sought-after Squishmallows on the market.

As demand for the Frog continued to grow, Kellytoy began releasing new versions of him featuring different color schemes and patterns. While the original Frog was green with brown spots, subsequent iterations have included versions that are pink with blue spots, blue with yellow spots, purple with green spotsβ€”you name it! At last count, there were over two dozen different varieties of Frog Squishmallow available for purchase.

So there you have it: the story of how the frog became one of America's most beloved stuffed animals. What started as a simple idea has turned into a full-fledged phenomenon, with people of all ages clamoring to get their hands on these cuddly little critters. The next time you see a Frog Squishmallow, you'll know just how he came to be and why he's become such an iconic figure in pop culture! Tap below to Buy Your Frog Now!πŸ‘‡

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