Are you tired of the traditional, time-consuming video creation process? Are you ready to take your video content to the next level? Say hello to, an innovative AI-powered video creation platform that will revolutionize the way you create videos. Get ready to transform your text into visually stunning videos with just a few clicks! Let’s dive into the amazing world of and unlock its potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock your creativity with’s revolutionary AI-powered video creation platform!
  • Experience effortless conversion of text to captivating videos featuring voiceovers, subtitles & more!
  • Unleash the power of AI voiceovers and visuals with an easy free trial, no credit card is required!

Discovering AI-Powered Video Creation

Imagine being able to create captivating videos from your blog posts, scripts, or text prompts with ease. is here to make that dream a reality! This groundbreaking platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform text into engaging short-form videos, complete with:

  • Video backgrounds;
  • AI voiceovers, including from 11Eleven Labs;
  • Subtitles;
  • Captions.

The best part? It’s compatible with any social media platform, providing all the tools needed, and making it a valuable tool for content creators worldwide.

Creating a video with is both straightforward and enjoyable. With the Script to Video feature, you can turn text into stunning videos in a few clicks.’s advanced AI technology analyzes the text, generates video backgrounds, and even creates voiceovers, subtitles, and captions! Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional video creation and hello to a world of convenience and creativity.

How Works aims to make the video creation process effortless without compromising the quality of the output. The platform’s AI technology transforms written content into captivating videos using AI-generated voiceovers, captions, and subtitles. Moreover, provides access to an extensive library of stock images and videos to elevate your content.

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Tap here to learn more and get started!’s advanced AI technology offers the following benefits for users looking to create professional-quality videos with Pictory AI:

  • Brings written content to life;
  • Expands the reach of content by making it more accessible to a broader audience;
  • Provides easy-to-use, AI-powered features for creating professional-quality videos.

With, you can create videos without breaking a sweat!

Key Features of

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Get started with Pictory right here and produce your first video minutes later! stands out from other video creation platforms with a plethora of unique features, including:

  • AI voiceovers, including from 11Eleven Labs;
  • Text-to-video conversion;
  • Automatic captioning;
  • Flexible aspect ratios;
  • Access to a vast library of stock videos and images, including from Getty Images.

But that’s not all! Users can also add their own audio or text and other visual elements to their videos using the visuals-to-video tool in With such a wide range of features at your disposal, creating engaging and visually appealing videos has never been easier.

Pictory's Free Trial: Unleash Your Creativity

Are you eager to explore the wonders of Pictory firsthand? offers an incredible opportunity for users to experience Pictory's free trial plan, which allows you to create up to three video projects. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to unleash your creativity and experiment with the platform’s AI-powered features, without spending a dime.

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Explore the wonders of Pictory firsthand!

The free trial plan includes:

  • AI-enabled video creation;
  • Text-to-video conversion;
  • Automatic captioning;
  • Flexible aspect ratios;
  • Access to licensed stock videos and images.

By engaging with these features, you can create visually stunning videos that are sure to capture your audience’s attention. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to explore the world of AI-powered video creation with’s free trial plan!

Getting Started with the Free Trial

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Tap here to start for free!

Initiating your free trial with is effortless. All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up on the website;
  2. You’ll be ready to begin creating videos using the platform’s AI-powered features;
  3. No credit card is required, so there’s no risk involved!

During the free trial, you can create up to three video projects and explore all the amazing features has to offer. With the platform’s user-friendly interface and advanced editing tools, you’ll be creating captivating videos in no time. Pricing: Choosing the Right Plan for You provides a range of pricing plans to accommodate diverse user needs and budgets. There are three pricing plans: Standard, Premium, and Custom, making it an affordable option for video creators.

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Each plan offers a unique set of features designed to meet the specific needs of users, ranging from individuals to small organizations. Whether you’re just starting with video creation or are a seasoned professional, has a pricing plan that will suit your needs. See below...

Comparing Plans: Standard vs. Premium

The Standard and Premium plans of cater to different user requirements.

The Standard plan offers a great range of features, such as:

  • One user account;
  • Price: $23 per user per month or $19, billed annually;
  • 30 videos per month;
  • 10-minute text-to-video projects;
  • 10 hours of video transcription;
  • 1 hour of existing video editing;
  • Three branded templates.
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Pictory makes it easy on the budget!

The Premium plan includes:

  • Price: $47 per user per month or $39, billed annually;
  • 60 videos per month;
  • 20 minutes of text-to-video projects;
  • 20 hours of video transcription;
  • 3 hours of video editing;
  • 10 branded templates;
  • 10,000 music tracks;
  • 60 AI voices, including from 11Eleven Labs;
  • Automatic voiceovers;
  • Video highlights;
  • Hootsuite integration.

By comparing the features and benefits of these plans, you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Customizing Your Experience with the Custom Plan

For those desiring a more tailored experience, provides the Custom plan. This plan allows you to tailor your experience with the platform, offering personalized pricing and functionalities based on your individual needs.

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This is where the Teams get it done!

The Custom plan includes the following features:

  • Custom branding;
  • Editing tools;
  • Effects;
  • Templates;
  • Access to a larger library of music and sound effects.

To upgrade to a Custom plan, simply follow the steps outlined on the website, and you’ll be on your way to a tailored video creation experience that meets your specific requirements.

Enhancing Your Videos with's Cutting-Edge Features

The overall quality and impact of videos created on are boosted by its advanced features like AI voiceovers and visual elements. These features not only make your videos more engaging but also enable you to create a polished and professional final product that stands out from the crowd.

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Tap here to see your YouTube options with

With’s cutting-edge features at your disposal, you can elevate your video content and captivate your audience like never before. The platform’s AI capabilities, combined with its vast library of stock videos and images, make it an indispensable tool for creating stunning and impactful videos.

AI Voiceovers: Bringing Your Videos to Life

With natural-sounding narration, AI voiceovers in enhance the engagement and accessibility of videos, bringing them to life. The platform supports multiple languages and accents.

Image of a banner promoting ElevenLabs and partnership’s AI voiceover technology creates natural-sounding speech by analyzing vast amounts of speech data to spot patterns and subtleties in human speech. The algorithms then use this information to generate voices that sound like natural voices, replicating people’s organic speech patterns. This allows the AI to produce speech with natural intonation, stress, and emotion, resulting in a more believable and human-like narration.

Visual Elements: Elevating Your Video Content

To enhance the aesthetics of your video content, provides a vast selection of visual elements. The platform provides access to an extensive library of stock videos, images, and customizable templates, including Getty Images, allowing you to create visually stunning videos with ease.

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Tap here to explore the many options can offer users

Incorporating these visual elements into your videos not only enhances the storytelling aspect but also engages your audience on a deeper level. With’s vast library of visual elements at your fingertips, you can create captivating videos that include:

  • Animated text;
  • Infographics;
  • Icons and symbols;
  • Illustrations;
  • Background images and videos;
  • Transitions and effects.

These elements will help you create videos that leave a lasting impression on your viewers.

Users have given glowing reviews, noting the platform’s value in effortlessly creating engaging videos. Its AI capabilities, ease of use, and time-saving features have been praised by users who have experienced the platform first-hand.

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The reviews are in for

However, some users have highlighted potential improvements, such as in the selection of stock images and AI-generated captions. values this feedback and is committed to continuously improving its platform to provide the best possible experience for its users.

Positive Feedback

Users who have tried have been impressed with its features, including:

  • AI capabilities;
  • Ease of use;
  • Seamless video creation process;
  • Fantastic stock video footage;
  • Wide range of music options;
  • Easy and intuitive navigation;
  • Accurate and fast transcription;
  • Clean and minimal UI/UX.

These positive experiences from real users demonstrate the value that brings to the table. The platform has proven itself to be an excellent choice for creating high-quality videos quickly, making it a must-have tool for content creators everywhere.

Image of Pictory partner logos has great partners!

Constructive Criticism

While has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, some users have also provided constructive criticism. These users have suggested improvements in areas such as stock image selection and AI-generated captions, indicating that there’s always room for growth and enhancement. values this feedback and is committed to making ongoing improvements to its platform. By addressing these concerns and incorporating user suggestions, will continue to evolve and provide an even better video creation experience for its users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is any good? is a great tool for improving your workflow, boosting efficiency, and providing better service - its accurate and reliable image recognition technology has impressed me in the few months I've been using it!

Can I use Pictory for free?

Yes, you can try out Pictory for free with a free trial, so go ahead and explore its features! Upgrading to a paid plan starts from just $23 a month.

What is Pictory used for? harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver an unmatched video editing experience. Automatically extract highlights from your recordings and convert them into short branded video snippets ideal for posting on social media, Pictory AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze videos and images, identifying the most impactful moments and seamlessly blending them together. You can also upload a video script, blog post, or URL, or use a text prompt to create videos from text.

Is Pictory Good for YouTube Videos? appears to be a highly recommended tool for creating YouTube videos. The interface is user-friendly, it is cost-effective, and powerful AI simplifies the video creation and editing process.

How much does Pictory cost?

Pictory has two main pricing levels. The standard level costs $23 per month and the Premium level is $47 per month, making it affordable and accessible for all your storytelling needs. Additional discounts are available if you pay annually.

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Tap here to start your free trial with

May we say in conclusion...

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In our opinion, is a game-changer! This AI-powered video creation platform simplifies the video creation process and delivers professional-quality results. With its innovative features such as AI voiceovers from 11 Eleven Labs, visual elements with Getty Images, and customizable templates, enables users to create captivating videos that truly stand out.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced video creator, has a pricing plan that suits your needs, allowing you to unleash your creativity and transform your text into stunning videos. Give it a try and experience the magic of for yourself! 👇

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