Euhomy's Brand Story

Euhomy ("the Company") is a brand committed to providing excellent cooling solutions that bring comfort to its customers in every season. With a focus on premium quality and customer satisfaction, the Company has quickly become the go-to brand for a range of ice-making and related products. Whether it's for your home or business, the range of Euhomy ice makers and coolers cater to the diverse needs of its customers. 👇

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Euhomy's state-of-the-art ice-maker technology sets them apart from the rest. Using advanced infrared sensor technology the company transforms water into an immaculate bullet ice cube or the best chewable ice cubes with no impurities left behind. Their efficient and effective ice-making process creates perfect ice cubes in different sizes, allowing customers to choose what best fits their needs. And with superior durability and reliability, Euhomy's ice makers can withstand everyday usage without compromising quality. 👇

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Euhomy has Values

What truly sets Euhomy apart is its customer-centric perspective. The Company understands the importance of providing quality products that meet the unique needs of each customer. By focusing on customers' needs and paying comprehensive attention to quality, Euhomy has established itself as a brand that customers can trust. With their commitment to excellence, it's no surprise that the Company has quickly become the go-to brand for premium ice-related products.

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The Value Proposition

The Company is committed to delivering customers cool, refreshing, and memorable moments by continuously improving products and services.

The Mission- is to provide products and services for those who want to live a "COOL" life.

The Vision- make the products available for all scenarios that require ice, so that everyone can enjoy them.

Euhomy wants to create a unique way for consumers to buy ice-related products online. With an unparalleled focus on quality and relationships, they are dedicated to satisfying ice cravings.

Euhomy likes to say that "We use our years of industry experience to create high-quality appliances that meet our superior standards."

Customer Care by Euhomy

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The Company is dedicated to superior customer care and provides a solid online presence to answer FAQs and make itself available to loyal patrons.

If you are looking for help with a Euhomy-branded electric appliance, like a refrigerator, freezer, or ice maker, check out the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section – you might find the answer you want. Alternatively, feel free to send an online message. They welcome any questions or content you'd like to share with them.

Euhomy Brand FAQs

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Where do you ship?

We currently ship in the continental United States. For shipping outside of these areas, please email us at

How long does it take to ship my order?

Standard shipping times for the countries covered by our delivery partners are presented below. You can find them when choosing a delivery method before confirming your order: – United-States: 3-7 days.

How long is the warranty period and what does the warranty cover?

To begin a warranty request, or request support, please email the Company at

Limited Warranty

One (1) year from the date of delivery of the product.

What is covered:

Product failure during the limited warranty period, due to a defect in material or workmanship.

What is not covered:

1. Product failure due to abuse misuse, improper use, or commercial use.

2. Damage to the product by accident, fire, floods, or act of God.

3. Incidental or consequential damages caused by possible defects with this product.

4. Labor and other charges to install and/or remove the product.

5. Parts lost or damaged due to human factors after the product is delivered intact.

Note: Order ID # of your purchase is REQUIRED for us to validate your transaction for all warranty-related issues.

How can I get in touch with customer services?

All products come with a one-year limited warranty and after-sales services. If you encounter any issues with your purchase, please feel free to email Euhomy at to seek assistance. We will get back to you within 48 hours on weekdays.

Product Categories

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Euhomy offers an exclusive array of ice-making and related appliance products. has reviewed a number of Euhomy's product offerings and you can find links to those products and reviews below: 👇

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A Unique Customer-Rich Feature- Recipes

Image for Customer recipes on Company website.

Looking for a fun and unique way to engage with a brand? Look no further than Euhomy's recipe section! With an extensive collection of delicious cold and frozen drink recipes, the Company offers a refreshing twist on traditional customer engagement.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Euhomy also encourages customers to submit their own recipes and receive a special gift item in return. This interactive approach to customer engagement not only promotes a sense of community but also showcases the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Image of cool drinks you can find on Euhomy's website.

So why not spice up your beverage game and explore Euhomy's recipe section today? With a wide variety of tasty and creative drink options to choose from, you're sure to find something that will satisfy your thirst and your taste buds. Tap Below to Try Grapefruit Fizz! 👇

Image of drink recipe for Grapefruit Fizz

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of Euhomy's exciting brand experience. Visit Euhomy's website now and discover the perfect drink recipe for any occasion!

Customer Experiences, as Captured from Euhomy's Social Media

Post 1 (Facebook):

"Meet Sarah - one of our satisfied customers who is absolutely in love with our Euhomy ice maker! She raves about the quality of ice that it produces, and how easy it is to use. We're thrilled to have been able to cater to her needs and provide her with an exceptional product that she loves! If you haven't tried our ice makers yet, now is the time to do so! #Euhomy #IceMaker #CustomerExperience"

Post 2 (Tik Tok):

"Meet John - one of our satisfied customers who is obsessed with our mini fridge! He loves that it keeps his drinks cold all day long and how sleek and stylish it looks in his room. Our mini fridges come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them the perfect addition to any space! Try one out for yourself and keep your drinks cool in style! #MiniFridge #CustomerReview"

Post 3 (Facebook):

"Another satisfied customer, Jane, has nothing but great things to say about our Euhomy portable ice maker! She loves how easy it is to take on the go, and how quickly it produces ice. At Euhomy, we believe in providing you with convenient solutions that make your life easier. Try out our portable ice maker and never run out of ice on the go again! #PortableIceMaker #CustomerExperience"

🎶Enjoy this delightful musical endorsement🎶: 👇

@euhomyoffical I can watch this for the whole day! #amazonfinds #founditonamazon #ice #icemaker #kitchen #euhomy #asmr #drink ♬ original sound - EuhomyOffical

May we say in conclusion…😎

zBest Rating A+

Euhomy's dedication to manufacturing top-quality ice-making, ice-using, and related appliances is unmatched. With its excellent range of products, Euhomy makes life easier, more comfortable, and enjoyable.

Moreover, Euhomy's commitment to maximizing customer service and satisfaction is evident in every aspect of its operations. Rest assured that every Euhomy product is worth the investment, long-lasting, and designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Join the "COOL" life and experience the convenience and reliability of Euhomy appliances. Tap Below to Buy Euhomy Now! 👇

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